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Notice Of Grant Award

Title: ERFO: 2017 TN2016-1-FS,Heavy Rains Dec 2015
DOT Agency Disbursing Funds: Federal Highway Administration
Project Name/Number: Various project sites
Award Recipient Forest Service
City/Country/State Greene, Unicoi, TN
Place of Performance Various project sites
State Congressional District 1
Entitle Amount $ 335,408.00
Discretionary Amount $ 335,408.00
Total Grant Amount $ 335,408.00
DOT Regional Office/Telephone Number Heather Dean, (202) 366-2218

The Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads program is authorized under U.S.C. 23 Section 125 (e) for the repair or reconstruction of Federal Lands Management Agencies transportation facilities. The intent of the ERFO Program is to pay the unusually heavy expenses to agencies that manage road systems for the repair and reconstruction of Federal roads to pre-disaster conditions. These Federal roads were damaged by a natural disaster over a wide area or by a catastrophic failure from any external cause. The ERFO Program is intended to supplement the commitment of resources by Federal agencies to help pay unusually heavy expenses resulting from extraordinary conditions.

ERFO funds are being used to reconstruct several damaged Federal Lands Transportation Facilities

Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Governmental Affairs (202)366-4573.