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Grant Advance Notice

Date: 09/16/2019

NOTICE TO CONGRESS OF DOT DISCRETIONARY GRANT AWARDS: This notification is provided to the Committee pursuant to one of the following requirements governing the public announcement of a Department of Transportation discretionary grant, letter of intent, or Federal Transit Administration full funding grant agreement:

      (1) Currently applicable General Provision of the Appropriations Act, Continuing Resolution, or Supplemental Appropriation governing Department of Transportation appropriations, containing a prohibition on the use of funds made available unless the Secretary notifies the House and Senate Committees on Appropriation at least three full business days before the Department or its operating administrations announces any discretionary grant award, letter of intent, or full funding grant agreement from: (A) any discretionary grant or federal credit program of the FHWA, including the emergency relief program; (B) the airport improvement program of the FAA; (C) any program of the FRA; (D) any program of the FTA other than the formula grants and fixed guideway modernization programs; (E) any program of the Maritime Administration; or (F) any funding provided under the heading "National Infrastructure Investments" in the Appropriations Act;

(2) Section 311 of title 49, United States Code;

(3) Section 159(b) of the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR-21); or

(4) Section 5334(j) of title 49, United States Code.


Title: PHMSA 2019 Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grants
Grant Amount: $ 179,579.00
Congress created the HMEP Grant Program in 1990 which allows recipients to design and implement planning and training programs based on their individual needs. The program uses a discretionary formula for States and Territories and a competitive application process for Tribes. The formula is based on census data, the number of hazmat incidents, the severity of hazmat incidents, and the estimated costs of incidents. This grant funds a new 3-year grant cycle that allows States, Territories, and tribes to continue conducting planning and training projects outlined in the FY 2019-2021 grant applications. HMEP applicants allocate grant funds towards activities such as: Developing or revising emergency plans and training activities to account for bulk transportation of energy products by rail and over the road; Conducting commodity flow studies to determine the frequency and quantity of hazmat shipments being transported through local communities; Training emergency responders to respond appropriately to incidents involving bulk shipments of energy products as well as other hazmat.

Congressional members affected:

Dina Titus
Mark Amodei
Susie Lee

Senators affected:

Catherine Cortez Masto
Jacky Rosen
Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Governmental Affairs (202)366-4573.