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Notice Of Grant Award

Title: FY21 Enhanced Mobility Innovation (EMI) Grants
DOT Agency Disbursing Funds: Federal Transit Administration
Project Name/Number:
Award Recipient City of Richmond
City/County/State Richmond, CA
Place of Performance Richmond
State Congressional District 11
Entitlement Amount $ 0.00
Discretionary Amount $ 250,000.00
COVID Relief Amount $ 0.00
Total Grant Amount $ 250,000.00
DOT Regional Office/Telephone Number Kate Webb, (202) 366-5693

The EMI program advances emerging technologies, strategies, and innovations in passenger-centric mobility.

The City of Richmond will receive funding to initiate a pilot program that will allow the city to collaborate coordinate microtransit and paratransit riders into shared journeys using a single fleet. The proposed project aims to provide microtransit and paratransit customers with lower wait times, on-time pickups, and quick, convenient trips while reducing the average cost per trip to the City of Richmond.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Governmental Affairs (202)366-4573.