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Notice Of Grant Award

Title: Worcester Regional: Construct Taxiway, Install Instrument Approach Aid - 11/29
DOT Agency Disbursing Funds: Federal Aviation Administration
Project Name/Number: Worcester Regional
Award Recipient Massachusetts Port Authority
City/Country/State Worcester,Worcester, MA
Place of Performance Worcester Regional
State Congressional District 2
Entitle Amount $ 0.00
Discretionary Amount $ 2,736,305.00
Total Grant Amount $ 2,736,305.00
DOT Regional Office/Telephone Number Bryon H. Rakoff (781)238-7600

Construct Taxiway, Install Instrument Approach Aid - 11/29

  • This grant will provide federal funding for the Worcester Regional Airport in Massachusetts.
  • This project will construct a partial parallel taxiway to Runway 11/29 in order to reduce the need to back taxi on the runway.
  • This grant will provide funding for phase 1 of a 2 phase project. This phase includes construction of an approximately 3,500 foot haul road.
  • This project will install a new CAT III approach lighting system for Runway 11.
  • This grant will provide funding for the reconstruction of Surface Movement Guidance Control System (SMGCS) route taxiways and installation of the lighting system infrastructure which is necessary for the installation of the approach lighting system.
  • Worcester Regional Airport is a commercial service airport associated with Worcester, Massachusetts. The local point of contact is Ms. Concetta Tuazon, Program Manager of Aviation Budget, Massachusetts Port Authority. Ms. Concetta Tuazon may be reached at (617) 561-1622.
  • Following this grant announcement, FAA will notify the sponsor of the allocation. A grant offer will be issued subsequently for this grant as finally formulated.

  • Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Governmental Affairs (202)366-4573.