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Notice Of Grant Award

Title: Competitive Highway Bridge Program (CHBP) – US 191 Bridge Bundling Project
DOT Agency Disbursing Funds: Federal Highway Administration
Project Name/Number: Multiple locations
Award Recipient Arizona DOT
City/Country/State , AZ
Place of Performance Multiple locations
State Congressional District 1
Entitle Amount $ 0.00
Discretionary Amount $ 10,365,000.00
CARES Amount $ 0.00
Total Grant Amount $ 10,365,000.00
DOT Regional Office/Telephone Number Heather Dean 202-366-2218

In the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018, Congress made available $225,000,000 to be awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation for a CHBP. Eligible applicants are States that have a population density of less than 100 individuals per square mile. The funds must be used for highway bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects on any public road that demonstrate cost savings by bundling multiple highway bridge projects.

The project will improve the condition of 2 bridges in poor condition and rehabilitate 2 bridges in fair condition reducing the risk of scour. The anticipated cost savings of the project are substantial at 14.2%. The proposed schedule indicated the projects ability to meet the required dates for obligation and expenditure of funds. It will use innovative techniques to accelerate bridge construction. The project will improve and maintain the reliability of the transportation route though the Navajo Nation. The bundled project will achieve efficiencies through reduced mobilization and the utilization of similar design details.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Governmental Affairs (202)366-4573.